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We have compiled this list of tips which you can consider on your dates. We hope it's useful.

Recommendations for your password

Mobifriends informs users that the alias or password will never been requested. If the user receives any request should be wary of the authenticity of that message.

To ensure that the chosen password is secure MF tells the user some tips on the features that must be met:

  • - The password should not be aword nor information that would be easy investigated (eg dates associated with the user, telephone numbers, names of relatives or friends, etc.)
  • - The password must not be less than six characters
  • - Should include different types of characters: numbers, letters, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • - The password should be changed periodically

Do not disregard the devices you use to access the service

The user must be careful with the devices used to access the service (telephones, PDA, PCs, etc.). Occasionally from the device it will be possible to access automatically. Because of that it is recommended not to leave unattended theses devices and establish access barriers to prevent others to access with someone else’s username.

Behaviour to follow when using MF

The user must act respectfully about other users.

The MF team makes an effort to help users feel safe when they use the service. In order to do that, protection mechanisms like the users` contents control (texts, photos, and communications) or the possibility to notify MF about situations when the user considers that the terms of use have been breached. Furthermore the user must follow MF's recommendations. Despite all this mechanisms, the user must be the first to be conscious of the risks of contacting with others who are unknown. The user is the only responsible of his actions, and MF cannot be liable for them. To enforce this conscience and auto protection, MF gives a set of rules that should be followed:

- If you meet another user in real life MF recommends
  • - Do not give personal data that could identify you on the first date
  • - Meet in public places the first time
  • - Tell someone you fully trust about the date and the details
- If a user feels harassed in any way, specially by other users' communications must take into account the available resources:
  • - Use the "Blocked list" to add all those users you do not want to receive messages from
  • - Use the "Report Abuse” buttons in "My communications” and "Chat”, to alert Mobifriends of this harassment or irregularity
  • - Tell MF from the contact form available at the "Contact" section
- The user must not give data from third persons so their rights are preserved

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