Account Management

How does my account work and which options can I configure?

How do I change my login and password?

I have forgotten my login or password. How can I retrieve it?

I have tried to enter using my old login and password, but they no longer work. What can I do?

How do I update my personal information?

How do I change my e-mail address?

How do I block another user from sending me messages?

How do I activate/disable automatic e-mail notifications?

How can I disable my profile temporarily?

How can I reactivate my disabled profile?

How can I delete my profile?

How do I deactivate my mobifriends account?

Can I send messages to other users if I have deactivated my account?

If I deactivate my account, can I receive and respond to messages?

If I deactivate my account, will my profile appear when other users search for people like me?


Sign up to Mobifriends

Useful information when registering and creating a mobifriends profile.

I'm having trouble registering on mobifriends. What can I do?

The system tells me that my e-mail address already exists. I don't remember registering on mobifriends before. How is this possible?

How do I update my registration information?


My Mobifriends Profile

Obtain further information about my mobifriends profile

What is "My Profile" on Mobifriends for?

What do the basic details consist of?

How do I update my profile?

What kind of content is not allowed in my profile?

  • Offensive language of any kind, such as vulgar expressions, racism, illegal activity, etc.
  • Any direct contact information, such as e-mail addresses, URL addresses, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, telephone numbers, full names and postal addresses, etc.
  • Unauthorised use of material subject to copyright or registered trade mark.
  • Adverts or requests of a commercial or political nature.
  • Material that exploits or discloses personal information about people below the age of 18.

This type of content will be detected and reported to the authorities and may lead to the deletion of your profile.
For more information please see the Terms of Use.

Do I have to fill in all sections of "My Profile" in order to find someone?

Why do I not receive many replies?

How do I create my profile free of charge?

Can I hide my profile from others?


Highlight my profile - my fotos

Obtain further information about my mobifriends profile

How can I highlight my profile?

Why should I add my photo?

How do I add a photo?

How many photos can I add?

Does the photo have to be of myself?


Who has seen my profile?

Find out who has been looking at your profile

How can I find out who has visited my profile?

Can others see when I viewed their profile?



Search for users who are available to chat and arrange dates.

What are the benefits of the mobifriends search facility?

What is a "quick search"?

Why do I only get a few results from my search?

How do I search for users who are currently logged on?

How can I order the results of my search?

Why do I get results that do not exactly match the specified search parameters?


Contacting other users

How do I contact other mobifriends users?

How do I contact other mobifriends users?

I want to send a message to someone. What do I have to do?

Where are the messages I receive from other users stored?

How do I prevent a user from sending me messages?

For how long can I view the messages that I have sent or received using mobifriends?

Can I contact a user who I added to my "Blocked list"?

I blocked a user but now I want to receive messages from him. How do I unblock him?


Sending a mobi

How to tell other users that I'm interested in them and want to learn more about them.

What is a Mobi?

How do I send a mobi to another user?

What happens if I'm not interested in getting to know other users who send me Mobis?

Is the number of mobis I can send/receive limited?

How long are mobis stored for?


Messages from Mobifriends

Select which offers and suggestions you want to receive from mobifriends.

What do e-mail notifications consist of?

How do I specify which kind of notifications I want to receive from mobifriends and in which way?

Why have I not received the mobifriends newsletter by e-mail for several weeks?


My lists

How to organize everything that happens around me in mobifriends.

What do my lists consist of?

How do I get to my lists?

How do I add a user to my lists?

How do I delete a user from my lists?

How many lists am I allowed to have?

How long do users stay in my lists?