User tips

We have compiled this list of tips which you can consider on your dates. We hope it's useful.

Recommendations for your password

  • The password should not be aword nor information that would be easy investigated (eg dates associated with the user, telephone numbers, names of relatives or friends, etc.)
  • The password must not be less than six characters
  • Should include different types of characters: numbers, letters, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • The password should be changed periodically

Do not disregard the devices you use to access the service

Behaviour to follow when using MF

  • If you meet another user in real life MF recommends
    • Do not give personal data that could identify you on the first date
    • Use the "Report Abuse” buttons in "My communications” and "Chat”, to alert Mobifriends of this harassment or irregularity
    • Tell MF from the contact form available at the "Contact" section
  • If a user feels harassed in any way, specially by other users' communications must take into account the available resources:
    • Use the "Blocked list" to add all those users you do not want to receive messages from
    • Meet in public places the first time
    • Tell someone you fully trust about the date and the details
  • The user must not give data from third persons so their rights are preserved